With the spirit and teaching of Vatican Council II, Katigondo follows four basic areas of formation during a three-year period i.e. Human, Spiritual, Pastoral, and Intellectual.

a) Human Formation:



seminarians are taught to "cultivate a series of human qualities. needed for them to be balanced people, strong and free, capable of bearing the weight of pastoral responsibilities. They (are) educated to love the truth, to be loyal, to respect every person, to have a sense of justice, to be true to their word, to be genuinely compassionate, to be men of integrity and, especially, to be balanced in judgement and behaviour': (Pastore Dabo Vobis 43).

b) Spiritual Formation:

Is the core which unifies and gives life to his being a priest and his acting as a priest. Without spiritual formation pastoral formation would be left without foundation. It is conducted in such a way that the students may learn to live in intimate and unceasing union with God (PDV 45). Practically this is achieved through the daily celebration of the Holy Mass, spiritual direction, and devotions.

c) Pastoral Formation:

Aims at training the seminarians " for the ministry of the word so that they may gain an ever-increasing understanding of the revealed word of God, making it their own by meditation and giving it expression in their speech and in their lives". It trains them "to undertake the ministry of the shepherd, that they may know how to represent Christ to humanity (PDV 57).

d) Intellectual Formation:

Being a fundamental demand of the human intelligence by which one participates in the light of God's mind, intellectual formation in Katigondo is seen as a necessary expression of both human and spiritual formation. In Katigondo special emphasis is given to the study of philosophy which leads to a deeper understanding and interpretation of the person,the person's freedom and relationship with the world and with God (PDV 51). Seminarians follow an academic. program of studies approved by the Episcopal Conference and which leads to an award of a bachelor's degree.


Future Plans

a) To expand the library and computer laboratory
b) To construct a water reservoir
c) To renovate some of the old buildings

Future Plans

d) To buy a stand-by generator
e) To install solar lighting system
f) To build a new students' residence



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